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    Shueishang previously name is Shuijietou. It had been taken policy of locality self-government since year 1950, after adjustment of an administrative division, were subordinate to Chiayi County. Now called Shueishang township. The township is located in southwest of Chiayi city, north latitude 23 degree and 26 centimeter,east longitude 120 degree 24 centimeter, through the Tropic of Cancer and is the geometry central of Chiayi county. The area of the township appear long and narrow, form like a rectangle. From east to west, except the Nuichoupu and Shanjiepu are mountain slope, the remains are Plains. The main river in the township is Bajhang river, which through the township from northeast flow to western. In addition, It is a boundary line with the Houbi township of Tainan County.

    Firstly, the facilities of the way transport are including Zongshan Freeway, general way, railway, province way, county way and township way, are pass through the whole place.

    Second, the facilities of the air transport is Shueishang airport, the major routes are Magong,(Penhu),Jinmen, and so on. It will be more convenience after the east and west freeway and Naner freeway to have transport service in the future.

    There have two railway station in the township: Shueishang, Nanjing and an airport. And there is a symbol of Tropic park which is a famous park in international. The Kuzhu temple, Geshu temple and other landscape is make into a list of historic interest by domestic affairs department.

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